Rainy Chair Songs in August

1 Years 5:12

2 Campfrx 3:08

3 Jumps 1:31

4 2gether 4:19

5 Lost Memories 0:45

6 Groove Lane 3:58

7 Lexy 4:45

8 Silent Wave 1:26

9 Circles 4:03

10 Legend 8:15

11 Rain Touch 1:08

12 Crunch 3:20

13 Flow 5:06

14 Alone 1:13

CD Play time: 48:49

all music and recording by Alf Schmieder

    CD - Release


  Digital Release 2015

  31.5. prelisten and pre-order on iTunes

  31.8. worldwide release on iTunes exclusively

This record is available as Audio-CD exclusively until the worldwide download sale starts.

Get a copy of this record and make a donation please, if you want me to create more music for you.

I hope you enjoy my work and it´s getting a part of your life. That would be wonderful.

Here comes my album No12.

For the celebration of 10 years of recording my music I took extra time and put all my energy and love into this new album and now finally it´s ready for the world outside.

For me it´s much more than just an extended album.

This record is dedicated to all the lonely people on this planet, where no one should be left alone.

Prelisten here:

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